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Mid-Atlantic Section Meeting

Our Chapter Chair Kathleen did an awesome job. Thank you!

Starting from the events on Friday, the reception was well planned.

We had the lovely centerpieces and cute airplane banners, which looked so nice! Thank you Eileen!

Arranging all of those foods to suit all of the various food demands was a major task. Everything was very tasty and that caterer was very helpful in helping us organize the tables and set up the food. They were very professional. Then Saturday, the meetings were interesting and the room was spacious.

The events were interesting and relevant. The events were close together. Getting the Clarion hotel was wonderful because the event seemed intimate and better than if we had had it at a large convention center. I know that arranging all of the signs and projectors were complicated. I know that many of the attendees enjoyed visiting Udvar Hazy. The food at also was very nice and everyone had nothing but nice things to say about the venue and menu. It seems that you thought of different things for different people. Having the Wings program was a real hit and the speaker was very interesting. Also arranging the drone talk was great, because that is a topic that many of us do not know much about.

Kathleen, and helpers.... you did a great job. I think that we really put on a great Mid Atlantic Section meeting.

It was a great success. It was a lot of work for you but it all worked out very nicely. Thank you.

Fly safe. Lucy Mencia

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