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Beverley D. Sharp

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99s Announce New Award


The "Beverley D. Sharp Aviation Diversity Award" offered by The Ninety-Nines is a commendable initiative to encourage diversity and inclusion in the field of aviation. This award serves as a tribute to Beverley D. Sharp's significant contributions to the organization and her commitment to aviation education and safety.

Key points about the award and its objectives:

  1. Purpose: The primary purpose of the award is to recognize and promote programs and efforts that enhance the participation of individuals from diverse backgrounds in aviation.

  2. Background: Beverley D. Sharp, a dedicated member of the Washington DC Chapter and former President of The Ninety-Nines, has inspired this initiative through her extensive involvement in various leadership roles within the organization.

  3. Definition of Diversity: The award has a broad and inclusive definition of diversity, encompassing underrepresented groups such as minorities, those from disadvantaged backgrounds, individuals with unique life experiences, and even those from geographically remote areas.

  4. Scope: The award encourages programs and efforts that focus on increasing awareness and participation of women and girls from underrepresented diverse backgrounds in aviation at all levels.

  5. Eligibility: Chapters and International Sections of The Ninety-Nines are eligible to apply for the award.

  6. Types of Programs: The award supports innovative and realistic approaches to increase diversity within a Chapter or International Section. These approaches can be in the form of existing programs or proposals for future initiatives.

  7. Evaluation Criteria: Applications for the award will be evaluated based on the creativity, feasibility and expected impact of the proposed program to enhance diversity within the respective Chapter or International Section.

  8. Broadening Participation: The Ninety-Nines recognizes and supports initiatives that aim to broaden participation in aviation. This highlights our commitment to breaking down barriers and providing opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds.

The Washington DC Chapter and Mid-Atlantic Section have begun fundraising in support of this effort in the hopes of reaching their goal by 2025. The $1,000 award will then be given to a Chapter or International Section annually.

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