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Debby Dreyfuss Dare to be Different Award

The Debby Dreyfuss Dare to be Different Award (also known as the 'D4 Award') is managed by the Washington DC 99s Chapter on behalf of our current Governor and Award sponsor, Debi Dreyfuss. The D4 award provides a unique and interesting funding opportunity for aspiring women aviators.

Application Requirements

  1. It must be clever/imaginative/creative.

  2. It must embody, “Dare To Be Different”.   

  3. It must be related to aviation.  

  4. It must be from a candidate within the Mid-Atlantic Section.  

  5. All candidates must agree to use the award for pursuit of any aviation type rating,  within the following calendar year.   

  6. All submissions are to be sent to

  7. All submissions must be received before 12 PM  Dec 31  

Award Amount

If more than 5 applications are submitted, two recipients will be selected and will receive $1,500 each. If fewer than 5 applications are submitted one winner will be selected to receive $3,000. The prize is to be spent in support of the recipients aviation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via email at

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